It’s safe to say that $uicideboy$ are my current favorite group. With that being said, I was ecstatic that the New Orleans duo was set to release their debut Eternal Grey album on September 11th.

What I like about Eternal Grey is that it’s another dope full length project with top notch in-house production along with dark melodic vocals. What I dislike about the project is the amount of recycled lyrics. If you’ve been following $uicideboy$ for the past year you’ll notice a handful of familiar lines reused from previous songs.

The opening track “BREAKDALAW2K16” with Pouya has a nice high hat filled beat and embodies the early 2000s era Cash Money era sound native to New Orleans. While the second track “Say Cheese and Die” has a unique sample from what I believe is N.W.A. and is one of the strongest tracks on the project.

The fifth track “I WANT TO BELIEVE” uses elements of metal and screamo over your typical $uicideboy$ beat. This may be difficult to listen to if you’re not use to this type of loud vocal aggression.

Next we have “Uglier” featuring Da$h. This song isn’t my favorite off the album but has a steady boom bap. After that there’s “WATER $UICIDE featuring non other than Chris Travis.” Although I had highly anticipated a collaboration between him and $uicideboy$, this song seemed more concentrated on having a scary vibe rather than being a banger. Although I didn’t dislike the song, I feel that they could have done a better.

Perhaps my favorite track off Eternal Grey is “Elysian Fields.” Again the most interesting part of it is the return to the vintage New Orleans vibe. “275 $uicide” with Miami rapper and former Raider Klan member Yung Simmie. The chemistry of each rapper’s vocals on here fits well. I just like the combination of $uicideboy$’ loud heavy style along with Yung Simmie’s clarity.

I did enjoy the short song “Lucky Me,” particularly Ruby da Cherry’s vocals. Now the violin instrumental on the single “O PANA!” is an interesting change of pace and makes for a very unique instrumental. Denzel Curry comes in to save the day on “Ultimate $uicide” by delivering another one of his signature punchline riddled fast rapping verses.

When it’s all said and done $uicideboy$ delivered another solid project. It’s quite possible that they could over time become one of the best cult following groups in music. I like the solid amount of features on Eternal Grey and the production is solid all throughout. Eternal Grey rests at 4/5 PALMs!



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