While maintaining a relatively low profile, electronic R&B singer Vincenzo Flesko brings a unique vibe on his debut EP HMU Later. I stumbled upon his music having no prior knowledge of him, but I can tell you that the L.A. based artist has a lot to offer. At eight tracks, HMU Later is a smooth project to ride home to after a long day’s work. Each track has a different producer, however it’s nice to see the appearances of Curtis Williams of Two-9 credited on the second track “far west $hit.” Expect the smooth chill out track “annie Overpass” to appear on Palm of P A L M 7 which is on the way. I’ll be sure to follow and watch Vincenzo from here on out, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet.



Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @dylanisPALM