julee-jonez-201641ltvmtug6l-_sx331_bo1204203200_KPRS-KC midday hostess  Julee Jonez, has written a book, Pressing Past The Past.
In honor of the books release and in conjunction with her years of community service and promoting literacy, the city held Julee Jonez Day..
Jonez commented, “I’ve used my voice on-air for almost two decades on KPRS; listeners can now witness another aspect of me in a drama-filled and hopefully entertaining story they may not have expected. People may be a little surprised by what they find in this book, but it comes from a place of both fact and fiction.”
OM/PD Myron Fears added, “Julee Jonez is one of the most dynamic and talented, radio personalities in the nation. I’m glad that she’s expressing her gifts as an author. She continues to inspire many people of all ages within our city, regardless if she’s on the air or working with a community organization. Her book reflects her path to personal, professional and spiritual growth.”
Her book is available at Amazon and www.juleejonez.com.