MICHAEL-JACKSON-michael-jacksonHe passed away seven years ago but Michael Jackson is still making money – and lots of it.

In 2016 the late King Of Pop earned a staggering $825 million, making him far and away the biggest dead celebrity earner of  the year.  A long way back in second place in the Forbes list released on Wednesday is Peanuts creator Charles Schulz who earned $48 million. He died in 2009.

Forbes explained that one reason Jackson has generated so much revenue is his estate’s decision to sell his half-share of the Beatles catalogue to Sony for $750 million.

The Thriller star had purchased the rights to the Fab Four’s music back in 1984 for $47.5 million and then sold 50 percent of it to Sony in 1995 for $115 million. His remaining share was sold to Sony in March this year.