jay-alexander-1Name:  Jay Alexander

Hometown:  Morganson, NC



Spouse/Family: I have a son, a daughter and 5 bichonsbishons




Company:   LM Communications

Title:  Program Director

Years in position: 15 years

Brief career summary: I spent most of my career in North Carolina  and the last fifteen in Lexington, KY










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Who inspires you?

I’ve been blessed to work for some great people!! Each one was a stair step to something greater. Michael Saunders hired me first at WPEG. I was fortunate to go on to work for Helen Little in New York and I am, so grateful for everything she took the time to leach me. Lastly, I also had the privilege to work for Barry Mayo and I can still hear his voice saying “stay focused and what you need to do.”nobody needs to tell you


TIPWho is your favorite artist?





No real favorite, but I can honestly say I consider T.I. a friend to me and to the station… He’s always been here when we needed him and the brother is loyal

What is your favorite sports team?

carolina-panthers-logoAlways will be a Panther and Hornets fan and although I get grief for it,  I am a UK Wildcats fan









My all-time favorite athlete is:

Cam Newton






What is your guilty pleasure?

jayalexander-airplane Flying! My goal is to have my pilot license by summer 2017!





What is your favorite album of all time?

Anything Luther

LutherI am a jazz buff, but anything Luther is always good





Favorite TV Show

I am hooked on Power and Ray Donovan








Your dream car is:

Aairplanen airplane





What don’t folks know about you

One being that I am learning to fly planes. Off the mic, I am very quiet, laid back and even tempered.

I hate missed opportunities



 What are your thoughts about the state of Urban radio?

As a kid who went to sleep at night with a transistor radio, getting hooked on radio during a school field trip, I live for radio.   We as broadcasters must do a better job serving of serving our communities. Radio stations should not be viewed as nothing more than cash registers.

I often read about the demise of radio and although radio is up against some competition, it is not going anywhere. In Lexington, KY we are the only locally owned and operated station in the market. We can reach out and touch the listeners. Music and entertainment is there but it’s what you do outside of the station that truly matters the most.


What are your words of advice to the next generation of broadcasters?

I and many others developed our craft doing overnights and that is not an option anymore so they must seek out other means.

I get a lot of interns from local colleges and I find the main thing they lack is a passion to be great. I used to talk into my hairbrush and practice….Who still does that? You must put in the time to be great!!

You can check out Jay’s melodic pipes during afternoon drive, 2-6pm weekdays.  For more station details, log onto www.1079thebeat.com


Proud Dad & Daughter

Proud Dad & Daughter

Community Activist Mode

Community Activist

Jay& lovely wife Donna

Jay& lovely wife Donna