The Radio One Inc. media portfolio encompasses more than just radio, so the company will be changing its name to reflect that fact. As The Washington Business Journal initially reported, the Silver Spring, MD-based-media company will rebrand as Urban One as of January 2017. That news was broken last week during a third-quarter earnings call.

The name change is “a long time coming” after investors had asked the company to consider it, Radio One President & CEO Alfred Liggins said on the call. “It really reflects more of the fact that the company is a multimedia entity targeting African Americans and leveraging black culture to help brands and advertisers grow their business with this community,” said Liggins, who noted that the company is 50 percent non-radio, which “likely could morph even higher.”

Despite the corporate name change, the company’s individual divisions — Radio One, TV One and Interactive One — will retain their existing names. Liggins also announced that the company plans to roll out a new branding package in January.

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