The underground desperately needs is an R&B vocalist who can hold his own alongside any rapper. Foreign Forest is perhaps that answer and can be considered as the underground’s Frank Ocean or The Weeknd. The young experimental R&B singer and graphic designer hails from Bakersfield, CA and has a chill-grunge aesthetic. Foreign Forest is definitely another name to add to the underground heavy weights alongside Seshollowaterboyz, $uicideboy$, Buffet Boys. In fact, he’s already attracted the attention of Bones after being shouted out by him on Instagram, and has collaborated with Black Smurf on the song “Addy.”

This year, Foreign Forest has released two projects entitled Touch and I Think I’m a Rockstar which are both available on Spotify. His track collabrative with Yung Bambi, Lund, and Dre Kieken “Waiting” is the perfect R&B banger to vibe to with your lady, and will appear on the upcoming Palm of PALM Vol. 9.

In this circle of underground artists and collectives, Foreign Forest is another talent on the PALM Tree, and it’ll be awesome to see him work with the likes of Lil Peep, Spooky Black, or Slug Christ. He is a member of the new six member collective Netfriends. Through listening to Foreign Forest, you’ll be able to discover new artists and producer’s he’s worked alongside with, as well as familiar favorites.




Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @dylanisPALM