kanye-westAfter a very l-o-n-g series of psychobabble rants dating back to 2007, drop the mic twenty minutes into a concert moments, exit stage left moments after hitting the stage ninety minutes late with an average $250 ticket price moments and last minute concert cancellations, Live Nation has decided to cut their losses and pull the plug on the remainder of Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour dates.

With a combination of what some may agree are traumatizing events (sans becoming a Kardashian) stemming from the death of his mother, Donda West several years ago, Kanye “checked in” or (depending on who you ask) was admitted to a hospital last night for a psychiatric evaluation in what is amounting to a long list of issues exacerbated by exhaustion and sleep-deprivation. After Michael Jackson and Prince, Kanye is on the short list of 911 calls heard around the world.

This does affect business and inquiring minds want to know, who takes the financial hit?

At the end of the day, touring comes down to money and lots of it! Per Billboard magazine, if you are counting the rescheduled, then canceled dates, somebody(Kanye) is on the hook to refund 22 dates of the tour. Billboard Boxscore states, of the 26 dates reported from the Saint Pablo Tour so far, West had grossed $34.5M on attendance of 396,972, numbers that include the final L.A. Forum date before its eventual cancelation.

LIVE NATION LOGOThe most recent twenty-two canceled dates will force Live Nation to refund over $27M with some of the dates being multi-night runs. Even though Kanye has “performed” forty of the original sixty plus tour dates, once you back out other expenses from the $7M+ in revenue, the tour is a bust.

We can genuinely pray for Kanye’s recovery and trust that Live Nation has plenty of event cancellation insurance.

But wait, there’s more than Kanye’s alleged violent behavior and attacks on the hospital staff. Kanye West had harsh words for radio in Sacramento, CA over the weekend, and at least one Sacramento radio station is striking back by taking him off the air.

Justin Marshall (aka JayMarZZ), the music director for Hot 103.5, which has been a big supporter of Kanye said the station won’t be playing him “for a very long time.” Here is the audio, decide for yourself!


In the interim, dig into your vault and remember the days of “The Good Life,” “Gold Digger,” “Touch the Sky” and “All Falls Down” as “Jesus Walks” in to heal Kanye of his issues. Celebs such as Janelle Monae, Marlon Wayans and several others have sent Kanye positive messages via social media. Hillary Clinton and Mr. & Mrs. Carter have no comment.

The other details in the saga are old toast now but stay tuned because this hood telenovela is far from over, yet very entertaining!