It’s been about a year since PALM Tree vet Xavier Wulf released a full length project. The Memphis lyricist is back with the second installment of the Tundra Boy Season. Production on Tundra Boy Season 2 is predominately handled by Big Head (credited for Yung Pinch and Key’s! “No Good”). Nedarb Negram, Ghostrage, and Dan Marino also come in to play, bringing a combination of new and familiar faces on the production side. With no guest appearances, Xavier Wulf again holds his own, at times borrowing flow patterns from fellow East Memphis Boyz member IDK Jefferey. Out of 10 songs, my favorite it “Polish and Shine” followed by “Word to the Rookie.”


Although this is not my favorite Xavier Wulf project, his mixtapes have been known to grow on me as time passes. Stream Tundra Boy Season 2 below:


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