Out of the many projects I’ve stumbled upon this year on SoundCloud, the HMU Later EP from Vincenzo Flesko was perhaps the most intriguing. It’s melodies and lo-fi vibes are what makes it one of the best project’s to appear on PALM this year. I caught up with  the 29 year old-singer/rapper about his influences, skateboarding, and what’s next to come.

Where are you originally from? (Judging from the 310 area code on your SoundCloud, I know it’s L.A, but specify where about?)

I was born in San Francisco but grew up in West LA. More specifically Venice Beach/Santa Monica/Palms area.

How’d you come up for the concept for your debut EP HMU Later?

The concept for HMU later came after I had been working on a bunch of music within about a year span.  I wanted the project to be like a sampler of different styles and sounds that represented my own personal vibe and versatility.  The project itself isn’t super conceptual. I was just trying to put together a collection of tracks that me and all my homies could bump and b proud of.

All of the song titles on the EP aren’t names after the song lyrics, what’s the reason behind this?

I rarely name my tracks after lyrics in the song. For no real reason in particular, I just thinks its kinda obvious and boring when people do that.

HMU Later has a demo feel to it with a lot of vocal reverb, did you intend on this?

Yes that was definitely my intention. I love engineering vocals/audio and making shit sound all atmospheric and reverby. It gives the track more life and emotion.

Each song on the EP has a different producer, are there any other producers you’d like to work with in the future?

Im such a production/beat nerd. That’s the main reason for the array of different producers. In the future id love to work with Slight, Mr. Carmack, Shamana, G nealz, Harris Cole, Hector Vae, and a gang of others.

How did you link with Curtis Williams from Two-9?

I got that Curtis Williams beat off an instrumental tape that I downloaded a while back.  Technically we never linked up but I did contact him upon releasing HMU Later to let him know that his production would be featured.

What other artists would you like to collab with?

I’d love to work with Dylan Brady, Eric North, HNKT, the Internet,

Abjo, Nessly, Medasin to name a few.

What’s your songwriting process like?

My writing process is random. Most of the time I don’t write but sometimes I do. Just depends on the track.

Name some of your early influences

Some of my early hip-hop influences include Eminem, Notorious BIG, Ma$e, Dip Set, Slim Thug, Cash Money.  My early alternative influences are Smashing Pumpkins, Stoned Temple Pilots, The Band, Sublime, SlipKnot, Rage Against the Machine.

Are we going to get a music video from you?

Yes but no release date yet. Beginning of 2017 though.

Will you play a live show in the future?

Definitely going to do some shows for the new stuff I’m working on currently.  I’ll keep yall posted for sure.

Who are you currently listening to?

Currently I been listening to Aaron Cartier, Xxxtentatcion, Schoolboy Q, Killstation, Fat Nick, Kali Uchis, Xo Xv Xt, wifisfuneral, SZA..

Anything new in the works?

Got lots of new stuff in the works and actually starting this audio engineering program in a couple weeks so yeah new shit coming plus working on getting some visuals out as well.

Do you have any other interests other than music?

I’m interested in so much random shit!  I’m a hardcore foodie and really want to travel the world.  Im also hella into nature documentaries like national geographic type shit.

You skate, so what companies and pro-skaters are you a fan of?

I skate and love skating but compared to a lot of people I know, I suck at it to be honest (laughs).  My all time fav skater is Rodney Mullen. Companies I like are Fucking Awesome, Supreme, and Santa Cruz.

Anything else you want people to know about you?

Thanks so much for this interview! And thank u for rocking with my EP!


Instagram: PrettyAwesomeLitMusic

Twitter: @dylanisPALM