As the news cycle turns, Mariah Carey has got to be raising a glass not to the new year but to Kim Burrell for replacing her as THE trending story of 2017. The industry fish grease has not been this hot since those busters tried to steal the name of “Jack the Rapper!”

In you type in “KIM’ in most search engines these days, Kim Burrell comes up before Kim Kardashian!!

ellen-and-kim-bThe list of the famous, almost famous and everyday people has taken to all forms or social and electronic media essentially giving Kim Burrell “the bizness” for her homophobic pulpit rant is getting longer than any record setting Soul Train line! Pharrell, Janelle, Chaka, Yolanda, Octavia, Questlove and even Frank Ocean’s mama are not being silent. Ocean’s mom, Katonya Breaux put Burrell on front street stating that the singer got paid to sing background on her openly gay son’s last album and questioned if her vocals could be removed!

While we may agree, or agree to disagree that there is a place for pillow talk, conversations at the bar or sitting around the kitchen table talk, what in the name of RuPaul was Kim Burrell, thinking or not thinking about!!

A southern PD who shall remain anonymous said, “I looked at social media and said this ish is silly. Personally, the pulpit was not the place to go off and make those statements. I really do not want to know what she thinks!! She’s a waste of time!!” Another added, “I think she will be ok, Black people are quick to forgive and forget. She needed a news story.”

PR guru and author Angelo Ellerbee added” This is a sad situation. This is a forest fire that will have to burn itself out, because there is no spin doctor on the planet to help her at this point. I am appalled that a so-called lady of the cloth can speak and pass judgement on Gods’ children.  The LGBTQ community is not quick to forgive in this situation! To Ms. Burrell, I say…. how could you, how dare you bite the hands, hearts and souls of people that have fed you, employed you, provided you direction and opportunities but who may not easily forgive you???? Culturally, African-Americans go to the church for counsel, peace, answers and remedies, for our hearts, minds and emotions. As the immortal Michael Jackson sang about man in the mirror, now it’s the woman in the mirror…take a look Ms. Burrell.”

Oh Lawd, what have I done

Oh Lawd, what have I done

To add further fire to the frying pan, Burrell’s apology, if that is what you wish to call it, is a back pedaling (like a VHS in rewind mode), babble-ish contradiction of WTH and does not feel the least bit genuine!!!! If you have not sold a million records or won a Grammy, reevaluate the music you have released and know the real Grammy ® voting process. #girlbye



Word from the curb hears that Kim is a woman scorned after divorcing a man who wasn’t’ “the marrying type” but liked her check book……work it out!

Now what now!

Now what now!






kirk-franklinLess we not forget when Kirk Franklin was put to task for his “anti-gay” comments little more a year ago, or Angie and Debbie Winans, who in 1998 allegedly received death threats in response to Not Natural, a song they claim addressed violence, promiscuity, and homosexuality. The sisters wrote Not Natural after they saw comic and talk show star Ellen DeGeneres, announce her homosexuality on her sitcom “Ellen.” (Ellen has been up in it since back in the diz-ay). DeGeneres, a major entertainment power house and activist for all people, clearly made the right moves and a powerful statement in “un-inviting” Burrell to her top rated talk show this week. Janelle and Pharrell will appear as scheduled and expect a very captivating dialog.

This drama is already worthy of at least a daytime Emmy Award for “Best Please Don’t Take  The Big Piece of Chicken From The Pastor’s Ex-Husband’s Anointed  Oil Value Meal.”  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses

  1. Marie

    God do not like sin
    He turns his face from sin.
    Deuteronomy 32: 20
    1 Corinthians 14: 33
    Deuteronomy 31: 17- 18
    We can asked God to forgive
    Us and sin know more
    Romans 10: 9 salvation is the key
    We that are in leadership
    Must know that God will hold
    Us accountable for not
    Telling the truth
    And that truth is God’s
    We must. Preach the whole bible
    We can’t leave anything out.
    The sin that is going
    On in the church the world is looking at the church
    Do we all remember.
    Sodom and Gomorrah
    Genesis 19: 3-5
    We need to reread
    What God has said in his word
    God word is true I change not.

    We need to read that God wrath
    Is against Mankind
    We as Apostle, Prophet, Teachers
    Evangelist, Pastors ect…
    Must tell the truth so people can
    Get set free.
    Gods word says in
    Leviticus : 20 13
    About his wrath
    Leviticus 18: 22- 30
    Romans 1: 24- 28
    Romans 1: 27

    We are trying not to
    Make people upset with us
    Keep the tithes and offering
    God is our source not
    People lets tell the truth
    And please God and not people
    Amen .

  2. George

    Her “sin” defence is a crock! Her “god” would be the first to condemn her rant. God did not write these “holy books”, they were written on hearsay and the rants of other people thru the centuries like herself. These people can justify everything in the name of their god. Sad that they exist. Pharrell is a man of morals.