Entercom’s WKAF-Boston, which is breaking off from its 10 year simulcast of sister Rock WAAF to launch an Urban AC format as “The New 97.7, Boston’s #1 For R&B.”

Cumulus Urban AC WRBO-Classic Hip-Hop WKIM (98.9 The Vibe)-Memphis PD Chris Malone will serve as PD, with Jay Dixon, Edison Research’s Sean Ross, and Entercom’s Urban AC KBLX-Classic Hip-Hop KRBQ (Q102.1)-San Francisco Director of Programming & Operations, Elroy Smith consulting. The station is launching with 10,000 songs-in-a-row.

VP/Market Manager Phil Zachary said, “Boston has a higher concentration of African-American consumers than San Francisco or Los Angeles, but no rated Urban signals. The prospect of reaching almost 8% of the population with one radio station in a Top-10 market is almost inconceivable in 2017.”

Malone said, “Urban AC is the most listened-to radio format among African-American consumers in Nielsen’s metered markets, so we expect the audience response to be emotional and immediate. Entercom has given us the research, the talent budget and the marketing resources to become an instant contender with Adults 25 to 54.

15 Responses

  1. Mike Buff

    Everything you wrote is spot on! The current radio lineup in Boston is sorely missing a TRUE r&b radio station. After WILD there was a void in Boston radio. I am so excited that void has been filled!!!!

    • Michelle Chandler

      I just found out about this new station haven’t changed it since this morning I passed the word around on my Facebook Page and we are hooked… Thank You for this great music brings back memories….

  2. Mary Ellen Gambon

    Thank you SO much! I love the mix of music you play, and I’m white. i remember back in the day listening to WILD and having to stop when the sun went down. I just heard about it yesterday. All of my friends and I have been spreading it on FB like wildfire! Tired of catching “throwbacks” on other stations full of swearing rap.

  3. Joanne Morelli

    I’ve been listening all week in my car. Its wonderful to hear Chaka Kahn, Luther Vandros….along with Usher, Isley Brothers etc. So Good! Thanks

  4. debbie

    I love this station just found out about it a couple of days ago,keep it up and don’t leave. what’s your phone number here in boston.

  5. Mike Buzzotta

    I want to ask our friends listening if they remember “The Flying Machine” dance club in Boston on Cambridge St. that played lots of R&B and NY underground dance.
    I want it back!

    • Christine and Anthony DiMaggio

      Hey, we do remember the flying machine, I met my husband there. Loved it. And love this station.

  6. Amber

    I listen and the music is GREAT!! I love R&B. KJ and Keisha in the morning are awesone. I love the station and defintely will continue to listen.

  7. Renee

    This is the best station R&B station since WILD, I listen in my car, in my room at work, I just can not get enough. Thank you for this station.

  8. Pamela D Crudup

    Oh finally!!! I can now get rid of my sirius. So missed good R&B music. And we 60+ year olds love this music as well. WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME

  9. Deb

    I LOVE this new station! Thank you for bringing it! I heard an awesome R&B radio station in Atlanta years ago and always wished we had one in Boston…. and now we do!!! I am a white 51 year old lady and I absolutely love this station! I haven’t turned it off my any of my radios (house, car, work) since I found it 2 weeks ago. It gets me out of bed in the morning (this morning when it woke me up on my alarm, I actually started dancing in my bed)! I also started working out in the morning since I found it… I can’t help but start moving and grooving when I hear all the great songs! I will continue to tell everyone about it!!

  10. Dianne

    Best station on the PLANET!!!!! I LOVE U GUYS!!

  11. Christine and Anthony DiMaggio

    Love, love this station. Brings me back to the station WILD, I never have to change the station. Please stay on the air as long as you can. Thanks for playing all my favorites.


    Can I Just Say

    “”” IT’S ABOUT TIME”””” This is MUSIC that I can listen to all day and the crew make the listening better

    KJ & Keisha in the Morning
    and Chris Malone afternoons
    keep up that Funky Drive at 5