Joey Gallant “Obama Tribute”


Kansas City social worker pays tribute to Barack Obama

A touching and tasteful send-off to our beloved 44th President

Joey Gallant “Obama Tribute”

Obama Tribute

“Obama Tribute” Video

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6 Responses

  1. Kimble

    Blown away—I am sure to be your #1 fan and willing to travel to KCity just to see you perform…

  2. Dana Cornish

    It was so very tastefully done, it brought tears to my eyes. There are no other words to describe this amazing song he needs to sing this for the President on his last day.


    Amazing, soul stirring presentation of the pride we all still feel for President Obama. Thank you your delivery was excellent!

  4. Janice Alnutt Davis

    One of my favorite songs is “Gloria” by Enchantment. So, when I heard your beautiful tribute to President Obama, chills went through me! Thank you so much for your lovely, heartfelt song to a much deserving family. I’m so happy to see that you are from my hometown. I will definitely be looking to see if you are in concert anywhere!

  5. Wanda

    Oh my God this is so amazing I want to buy this phone please tell me where I can. Joey Gallant beautiful.