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She may have been raised on a menu of Big Pun, Aaliyah and Notorious B.I.G, but these days this native New Yorker now fills her nights with the likes of One Direction, Demi Lovato and Mylie Cyrus. I introduce you to another female determined to think outside the box of Urban radio. She is the night personality on New York’s Top 40 outlet, Now 92.3(WNOW) and she goes by the name Eutopia.

Her obsession with radio and the need to nourish her fervent imagination as an only child set her career path from an early age. Having the advantage of growing up in New York City put her at somewhat of an advantage in listening to and studying some of the best on air talent in the game.  Broadway Billy, Vic Latino, Fred “Bugsy” Buggs, Angie Martinez and (for some odd reason) yours truly are the names on her short list. Hearing these amazing voices come through the speakers each day captivated her early from day one.

Eutopia adds “I knew I’d probably have to leave New York to get a radio gig and my first break came from Perry Publishing and Broadcasting thanks to Terry Monday. Not only is Terry one of the best programmers to ever live, he’s one of the sweetest people on the planet. He fought for me to do middays at KJAMZ in Tulsa. I thank God every day that he did. “

She continued on her journey to WNOW with stints at Long Island’s (WPTY) “Party 105.3 FM and (WNYZ) “Pulse 87.” She goes on to say, “I’m still super young in this industry. I’m going into my 7th consecutive year as an on-air talent and half of that time has been in New York. To grow up and hone my skills in this market on- air takes a lot of patience, persistence, creativity, confidence, discipline, drive, and then some. Each day is an adventure, an opportunity to grow and I love it.  New York Top 40 radio was a little scary at first but it’s cool to be a sister in Top 40 taking the road less traveled.”

She considers her encounter with Nick Cannon as one of her best days at Now 92.3 describing him as the coolest and someone who is not too big to actually connect with his co-workers.  One thing we all know about “Mr. Get-A-Check” is his drive and work ethic.  Eutopia counts WNOW’s current PD Gillette as one of the most creative people in Top 40 radio as well as the most fearless person she’s ever worked for and one who teaches her to stay on top of her game.  To date, the best piece of advice she received was from Rob Wagman, the former Assistant PD at WNOW who told her to always paint a picture with every break because every break counts and you always must say something. She humbly states “He took the time to groom me into who I am today. He saw something in me that I didn’t see.”

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