Chrisette Michele releases a poem “No Political Genius” about her Trump performance controversy

“I am the black song that Spike Lee won’t sing
I am the black voice inauguration bells ring
I am the black sheep disguising the scared wolf
No I am the black elephant in the red room, scared shook”

“White House invites me, you can call me their coon
I am the butterfly growing from slavery’s cocoon
I carry the mantle with God as my goon
He provides the life support, I’m dying singing his tune”

“Church folks may not clap, but I’ll sing there song
Hip hop for Jay Z, now you say You Lost One
R&B for Def Jam, Rich Hipster for Brooklyn
But Spike won’t pay me, A Crook from Crooklyn”

I’m still American – Tragic
I’m still Born Again – Miracle
And We’re on the border line – Pinacle”

“The brink of love or destruction
This is the junction
Will we divide in consumption
Of social media productions
Or will we finally unite
Win the 200 year fight
70’s fists up unite
Or did MLK die for spite
No political genius
But I won’t let this defeat us
I refuse to back down
I’ll use my art as my crown
And you can call me your fool
Rehearse lines you didn’t learn in school”

“They won’t be my definition
Or defining moment, Not my vision
Or my anger, I won’t own it
Or my prison, Nope won’t condone it”

“They will be my ammunition
To fight the system
We will win them
Hope is alive
This is my stand in”

“For John Lewis
And Ben Carson
Quest Love, Spike Lee
And before them
I won’t divide now
That’s not smart now
God before me
I won’t back down”

“This is MY damn America now
Came on a boat
Now I’ll Rock It
Gave me the mic
Now I’ll Rock It
Gave me the vote
Didn’t profit… And I’m NO POLITICAL GENIUS
But these ain’t politics as usual
I’m no mad dog but I rebel
May I revel
In the freedom of speech”

“In the art standing for peace
Basquiat style Paint streets
On the front lines
Let’s meet
We can sing one song
And one anthem
Land of the free
As one army
You and Me
A political genius
I’ll never be”


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