Top 10 Now and Then

It’s not Black History with out Black Music

Nationally syndicated radio show Top 10 Now & Then has recently aired their annual salute to Black History Month.

It’s a musical journey that takes the listener thru the decades, to hear from those that laid the foundation of the music and continues thru the years, with songs and stories from the influencers,to those that carry the flame today.

Give it a listen by hitting the link below This 2 hour tribute is well worth your time.

Want to air this show in February??  Hit Rick up at 310 869-1111

Also: Top 10 Now & Then is building a new feature into the show this year and would love to have you be a part of it. They are soliciting Top 10 lists from friends, jocks, listeners, celebrities etc.

Create your Top 10 list using the following audio format:

This is/I’m/ However you want to intro yourself______

Here is my Top 10 List ______

Give list with gusto!! Not looking for anything dry LOL_______

I’m______ …and that’s my Top 10 List

Now back to the Top 10 Now & Then Countdown…..

Your list can be about ANYTHING YOU CHOOSE. Music, film, guys, girls, food….GO FOR IT!!

Please keep it at 90 seconds or under and have fun. We will let you know when your segment airs!!

Create your Top 10 list and send it to Rick at [email protected]