Back in November of 2016, the PALM Tree welcomed a young singer, songwriter, producer and graphic designer by the name of Foreign Forest. The Bakersfield, CA based artist just released a new project entitled Dreams & Nightmares via SoundCloud. Dreams & Nightmares is packed with production from underground hit-maker Greaf who’s worked alongside Bones and Spooky Black. The album also includes production from arthrn along with Foreign Forest himself.

The 20 year-old, certainly has an experimental sound which combines emotional lyricwordplay with heavy distortion. So think of Foreign Forest as a nice cross between Lil Peep and Travis Scott. There are many songs I’m feeling off Dreams & Nightmares but the one I’m feeling most so far is the 90s Nickelodeon nostalgic banger “Rugrats” which also features a cool vocal sample from Dr. Dre.

Recently, Foreign Forest has opened up in his hometown of Bakersfield for underground power players such as Robb Bank$ and Eddy Baker, so we can only imagine what he’ll do for this scene in the long run!

Listen to Dreams & Nightmares below, and catch him on an upcoming episode of the PALMCAST!:


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Twitter: @dylanisPALM


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