Divas logoR&B Divas L.A.” has turned out to be as messy as R&B Divas Atlanta Season 2.  This franchise that started out to be about harmony and great women in R&B music (Kelly Price, Dawn Robinson, Chante Moore, Michel’le, Claudette Ortiz and Lil’ Mo), has turned into “a hot mess”.  Kelly Price had a wonderful idea at the top of the season to put together a show of monologues about the lives of all of the Divas.  It was supposed to be positive, revealing and therapeutic.  In a surprise twist of events, the show has caused a rift between Kelly Price and Chante Moore because they couldn’t agree on a director for the show.  The vision did not come together and the group split up to do their own versions of the monologues.  Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson used Director, Torrey Russell, who also works with Maya Angelou.  Apparently, Chante, Mo’, Claudette and Michel’le performed their version of monologues with director Fred Thomas, at a different venue. Really? Seriously? Yaw’ll (collectively) and your show, R&B Divas L.A. are barely hanging on and you “grown-ass” women can’t get along. I expect that of youngsters, but seasoned, mature artists…? That’s a damn shame.

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