In a time where real hip-hop is overshadowed by a tsunami of mumble rap, AmirSaysNothing works hard to keep it focused on  keeping the culture alive. His 2016 project Employee of the Month is 15 songs of dopeness. This Brooklyn bred emcee has lived in many  cities like Boston, and D.C.,  but now calls Los Angeles home. AmirSaysNothing has a traditional style over nontraditional beats. Employee of the Month is mix and mastered by Cy Kosis, but has production from underground banger-smiths like Jean Kengz who’s produced for Chris Travis and Kream Team who’ve worked with Speak! and Brandun DeShay.

Employee of the Month documents AmirSaysNothing’s  hustle life of working blue collar jobs like camp counselor (my first ever job!) to bus boy. He takes that same blue collar approach, and applies it to his music. Inspired heavy by legendary groups like Atmosphere and Gangstarr, Amir was even shouted out by Slug on Atmosphere’s song “Ringo” off their last album Fishing Blues.

AmirSaysNothing is the next name you should look out for. Employee of the Month is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud!


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