The Passage of Prop. M Means Job Creation and a

Chance for Women to Level the Playing Field

A Different Look at Women’s History

It’s surprising that there is still a glass ceiling blocking women’s success in corporate America today.  Although there has been some progress, the gender gap is even wider for women of color.

With the passage of Proposition M, California’s fresh-off –the-ballot legal cannabis industry may offer women new hope. Companies like Quality Concentrates (QC) are turning the “glass ceiling” into the “grass ceiling,” giving women an equal chance to compete and succeed.

Jairia-Portrait-4Having approximately 50 women out of a staff of 150, QC has many women on the managerial fast-track.  Jairia is one of the top managers at QC.  Pulling double duty, she puts her chemistry and biology majors to work as the Genetics Supervisor when she’s not overseeing the sales division.

“I think women will have better opportunities to be promoted in the cannabis industry because we take to it naturally,” said Jairia.

“The passage of Proposition M means a safer environment for my female employees and myself.  It means that women will have a chance to provide for their families by working with licensed establishments instead of illicit shops. “

The cannabis industry is wide open for women and full of opportunities to climb the ladder. Being a multi-million dollar industry, it will create jobs in cultivation, transportation, administration, packaging, sales, public relations, advertising and more as research and development devise new applications for cannabis.

As one of the top producers at QC, Jairia says women will need to be aggressive and have a strong work ethic. Jairia says her secret to success is “working like a boss and acting like a lady.”

“Ambition is a part of femininity,” she said.  “Always carry yourself with confidence, kindness and be knowledgeable about the industry. That will get you far.”