AlunaGeorgeStraight out of London, UK, please give a warm Indie Buzz welcome to electronic pop duo AlunaGeorge. The duo consists of vocalist and songwriter Aluna Francis and producer George Reid. They have a new record out called Body Music. Now I have a confession to make: I haven’t heard the album all the way through yet, BUT I have heard the singles and I must say; I’m definitely beyond impressed. The electrified 90’s R&B pulse of  gets me dancing every time I hear it. I feel like AlunaGeorge has a cool-dance friendly Matt & Kim type of vibe with their music. Listen to the song  and tell me I’m lying. Also,  and  are the songs you need to hear. I am reminded of Brandy, Spice Girls, and a little bit of Chiddy Bang‘s Xaphoon Jones when I listen to AlunaGeorge. All these songs have music videos too, so check them out. Body Music is on iTunes now!