Whenever somebody new joins the P A L M Tree, it’s only right that we slide out to one of their shows and see how they put it down. Especially if he’s playing alongside a familiar name in the underground. On Wednesday March 15th, I got a chance to see new P A L M Leaf AmirSaysNothing open up for Sam Lachow at Sol Venue in Carson, CA. IMG_1592

The opening set came from bay area to L.A. transplant rapper Bobby Macavelli. Even with a short set Bobby showed great potential performing his last couple songs with a live band.



Next, AmirSaysNothing hit the stage performing many tracks off his new mixtape Employee of the Month. Keeping the crowd engaged all throughout his set, Amir really rocked it and further proved himself to be one of the newer driving forces in the underground. Backed up by his producer/engineer Cy Cosis DJing, this made for a sweet memorable set.



Backstage Sam Lachow paces and shakes in anticipating for headlining this L.A. tour stop. When he hits the stage he’s accompanied by singer Ariana Deboo, fellow Seattle emcees Dave B and Romaro Franceswa and John Martin on Keyboards! Truthfully, these artists together are make for an eclectically beautiful experience. I’ll be sure to dive into all of their discographies respectively. Not only did Sam and the rest rock the stage, but they got in the crowd and had the whole audience turnt up!



All in all, I think that Sam Lachow and company are a tight knit crew exploding with talent, with a curiously unique sound. I’m glad P A L M could come out and spread good vibes alongside them. I look forward to working with all of these artists again in the near future!

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