This March the 6 God himself, blessed us with this new playlist entitled More Life. First of all at 22 tracks the project could’ve been broken up into two parts. The strengths of More Life are that it’s still highly musically inclined with an eclectic delivery. The weaknesses are how redundant it can be at times. Many of the tracks sound like throw-aways from What a Time to Be Alive and Views. The dancehall reggae vibe which Drake has returned to is starting to get a little stale.

This time around on More Life, Drake pulls an interesting mesh of features. The dance grooves on “Get it Together” are so on point, yet again it just sounds like an extended mix of “One Dance.” Another highlight is “Sacrifices” featuring 2 Chainz and Young Thug for its chill flowing beat. Skepta’s appearance on this album is awesome and makes me want to check out more of his catalougue. I’m digging the beat on “Portland” with Quavo and Travis Scott too. I enjoyed the chemistry between Drake and Kanye West on “Glow.” Enlisting Sampha for “4422” was a good call, for a slow ballad.

Overall, the hardcore 6 God fans are gonna eat up anything Drake drops no matter what. Shout out to Drake giving a variety of artists a good chance to shine. It’s the same old Drizzy at the end of the day, no matter who he’s on a track with. It’s only been 11 months since Views dropped and I think we needed just a little bit more time to miss him. Between his guests appearances on other songs with those like DJ Khaled, you never truly get a chance to recover. When it’s all said and done I give More Life a 3/5 PALMs because of its balance of strengths and weaknesses.




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