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Sheridan Broadcasting Networks (“SBN”) is pleased to announce that due
to increased demand from radio stations, SBN is doubling its number of weekday news and
sports broadcasts effective April 3, 2017.
Ron Davenport, Sr., Chairman of SBN, said “We are excited about the upsurge in interest that
we’re seeing in our news and sports services. In these challenging times, it is extremely
important that people be informed about events taking place throughout the United States and theworld particularly as they relate to African-Americans.”
Ron Davenport, Jr., President of SBN, added “Sheridan is the only radio network providing
hourly news and sports services targeted to African-Americans every weekday. We’ve been
providing these services for over 35 years, and we’ve earned our reputation in the marketplace.
In this era of “fake news,” Sheridan’s reputation for journalistic excellence and integrity
distinguishes us from newer competitors.”
Ty Miller, Director of SBN’s News, Sports, and Digital services, noted “Our primary mission is
to report the news and provide radio stations with information their listeners can trust and count on. After so many news services have been cut back, we are encouraged by the increased
demand for more news and are ready to meet the need.”