Over 650 DJs, independent artists, major and independent label executives and owners descended upon Atlanta last weekend for the Core DJ’s MixShowLive conference. The event was a mix of listening suites, showcases and panels, most notably the “Power Programmers Power Panel.” The SRO event was hosted by Core DJ CEO, Tony Neal and Epic Records, Amir “Mr. Everything” Boyd.  The session set a foundation of information for DJ’s and those removed from day to day PD duties and challenges such as  the mixshow in a PPM world,  knowing the market (before you step in it)  and methods to break artists, be they new or independent. Epic Record’s Amir Boyd adds “the essence of music is now run through the veins of DJ’s.  Tony Neal and the Core DJs have continued to show me that they can give labels a platform to allow us to reach almost 700 DJs at once.  The Core DJ’s events also help keep the essence of hip hop alive and for that I salute them. Interscope Records Keinon Johnson concurs “the DJ still plays a very important role in breaking new music and exposing our artists to the masses so events like this make sense to support.  We can meet and reconnect with the folks that break the records we promote.”

One highlight of the weekend was the G-Unit Listening Suite introducing hip hop artist “Kidd Kidd” hosted by 50 Cent followed by the true Queens of Hip Hop with classic female MC’s such as Sha Rock, Roxanne Shante and Sweet T, hosted by DJ Spinderella which served as a reminder of the often overlooked importance of the female MC and DJ in hip hop.

L-R DJ Impact, President and Tony Neal, Core DJs CEO

L-R DJ Impact and Tony Neal, Core DJ CEOs


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