This spring, one name buzzing in the streets of L.A. and soon to be everywhere is Frostydasnowmann. It was PALM Leaf Bearcapsunday who first brought the Inglewood rapper/producer to my attention when they played at a house party together back in March. Frosty in brings back west coast gangsta rap with a new twist. His sound is highly reminiscent of the Jerkin’ Era which had L.A. doing the reject around 09-’10. But Frostydasnowmann isn’t making dance music. He specializes in bangers which depict a hard hustlers work ethic and the street life. Handling a great deal of Frosty’s production is Ron Ron, who’s cooked up tracks for PALM Leaves $horeline Mafia. Frosty’s catch phrase is Gerb, which according to an interview with Refuse Media means, any person, place, or thing (i guess saying the word ‘gerb’ is cooler than saying Noun.) With a wealth of music videos on YouTube, you can check out how Frosty’s rolling for yourself. I don’t want to speak to soon, but with Frostydasnowmann’s potential, we just might be looking at the next YG!


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