Credit goes to Trapfone‘s soundcloud radio station for turning me on to NDELUV. The San Francisco based neo-soul musician puts a fresh new touch to R&B. The most particular thing about NDELUV however, is how he’s maintained such a low profile. In fact, he’s been relatively off the scene for the past few years. It seems around 2012 he built a strong following on social media, but only with an Instagram page staying up to date, fans are wondering where he’s been.

His experimental music has stood the test of time. Think of NDELUV’s sound as Musiq Soulchild with a modernized twist, You’ll recognize it when you hear “allwegot” which sample’s Soulchild’s timeless hit “Love.” NDELUV uses a great deal of vocal effects and reverb to create his own flavor.

With four projects available on SoundCloud and several videos on YouTube, NDELUV was certainly on to something. NDELUV if you’re reading this, PALM would love to interview you and hear what you’ve been up to. Expect a couple heaters off his mixtape #RIPRnB to be on the next Palm of PALM compilation dropping in May!



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