Many say that Jimmy Wopo is the next emcee out of Pittsburgh to break the mold. With growing popularity, he’s released his latest project Jordan Kobe.

The project is 16 tracks long and features appearances from Riff Raff and Maxo Kream. This is not the most joyful of PALM posts however. Jimmy Wopo is currently facing some backlash for rape lyrics on the second song “FTR Drama – Black Mamba.” ‘I’mma rape her like Kobe.’ While this action is unacceptable Wopo has already publicly apologized for the lyrics. From Eminem, to Tyler the Creator, to newer underground emcees like idkJeffery have talked about rape in their music. Although it may be all fun and games, rappers should know by now that such a sensitive subject should best be left out of the music just to avoid the negative controversy that comes with it.

All that aside, JordanKobe has a hot banger entitled “This & That” which features Kwon Bandz. The song has a classic sample of Snoop and Dre’s “Nuthin But a G Thang.” Pittsburgh rappers often pay tribute to the West Coast, and Wopo comes through clean in this fashion. Stream JordanKobe ​below and watch the video for “Elm Street 2.”


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