There’s been a buzz building around G Perico online as well as in the streets. The south central L.A. rapper is bringing gangster rap back in full swing. After hearing his verse on “#CripLivesMatter” from AD and Sorry Jaynari’s Last of the ’80s as well as his collaboration with LNDN Drugs on “Movin’ Around,” I knew I owed it to myself to check out this blue bangin’ emcee.

G Perico is perhaps the hardest person ever to be rocking your grandmother’s curlers as he poses for the cover for his 2017 album All Blue. His third commericial project is perfect to slap in your 6-4 or get the function started. At 13 tracks, and feature spots coming from hot shot producer Sonny Digital and Polyester, G Perico proves himself to be one of the most exciting rappers coming out of the west coast. For us OG West Coast hip hop fans, this is the closest to DJ Quik we’re gonna get in the modern age of mumble rap. If you’re a fan of YG, Schoolboy Q, or RJ, G Perico should be in your playlist.


All Blue from G Perico is available to stream on Spotify!

Watch G Perico’s interview with the legendary Soren Baker!


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