Radio One ButtonMarking the 18th anniversary of its IPO on May 5th, RADIO ONE, INC., is changing its name to URBAN ONE, INC., which will continue to provide “culturally relevant integrated content” through its various brands and platforms – TV ONE, RADIO ONE, REACH MEDIA, iONE DIGITAL and ONE SOLUTION.

Commented CEO Alfred C. Liggins III, “More than 35 years ago, we proudly began representing Black culture by lifting our voices boldly, courageously and un-apologetically. URBAN ONE’s mission is to enhance and maintain our position as the largest distributor of urban content in the country.”

Urban One LogoURBAN ONE reaches 82% of African-Americans with “high-quality, relevant urban content that reflects, acknowledges and pays homage to the Black culture that has impacted every fiber of American life.”

URBAN ONE reaches 59 million households, 22 million listeners, 40 million video streams, 20 million unique visitors and 5 million app starts. Expansive television and digital networks, nationally syndicated programs and its community-based local radio markets comprise the newly named company’s portfolio as the country’s largest distributor of urban content.