I was first introduced to Dave B back in March when he played a show in L.A. alongside PALM Leaf AmirSaysNothing and fellow Seattle rapper Sam Lachow. Dave’s soulful twist on boom bap instrumentals really brings the real back into hip-hop.
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Intuition said it best when he interviewed Dave on his podcast Kinda Neat, that he is the type of artist where his voice is the instrument. This unique flow is best showcased on his collaboration “Right Here” with producer Sango. Since the release of Palm of P A L M Vol. 13 I’ve practically had “Kandi” on repeat.  Prior to his first solo tour, Dave already had the honor of opening for Anderson .Paak in Southern California. I expect nothing but big things for Dave for the rest of 2017. Any fan of Chance the Rapper should naturally gravitate towards Dave B.

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