A petition has been launched to boycott Steve Harvey. Last week, the comedian and talk show host made headlines for a controversial email/memo that he sent his staff [click here for the backstory.] And now a petition has been launched, asking for the removal of his radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show. The petition says,

TV Host Steve Harvey, is the latest victim of a Trump Tower meeting, and most recent African American celebrity to sell his soul to current president-elect Donald Trump. Harvey’s claim that President Obama urged the meeting with Trump hasn’t been confirmed by The White House, and many like comedian DL Hughley see this as nothing but another celebrity photo-op. Steve Harvey who’s known for crowning the wrong winner, racist jokes aimed at Asian Men, and coonish comedy on his morning show, turned his back on millions of loyal listeners and went from dismissing the racist/sexist Donald Trump to full praise mode.

It adds,

We aim to have The Steve Harvey Morning Show removed and replaced with something all listeners can enjoy from Asian to African American.

Click here for more details about the petition.

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  1. Milton Allen

    Not feeling this at all. Two points: 1. How many Black people in America have been inspired and encouraged by Steve Harvey? How many young people look at Steve Harvey as a role model? How many families have directly benefited from Steve Harvey to overcome insurmountable circumstances? This is the guy you want to take down? Really? This isn’t about any memo. It’s about having your panties in a bunch over a meeting at Trump Tower. 2. This “memo” was an interoffice communication between the boss and the employees. Somebody who got their feelings hurt decides to leak the memo. So the boss can’t get pissed off and want privacy? How many of us in the business have gotten abrasive memos from our bosses? Did you try to take them down too? I didn’t think so. We’ve got enough noise to listen to in our current political climate. All you’re doing is making more…