It’s a fact that one thing leads to another. Through checking out the catalog of Dave B., was how I discovered Ivy Sole. Their collaboration on the song “Life” lead my to peeping the soothing sounds from Ivy Ivy. This Charlotte, NC lyricist has a soulful take on classic hip-hop.

Ivy Sole’s production is often characterized by it’s use of top notch samples. “You Don’t Know My Name” uses a sample of Alicia Keys’ smash hit of the same title. Additionally, her song “All Mine” features a beautiful sample of King Krule’s “Out Getting Ribs.” As a newcomer in the game, Ivy Sole’s released an album in 2016 entitled Eden, followed up with the East EP which dropped this February.

Although not quite known yet to the masses, in 2011 Ivy got the chance to rock the stage alongside Kendrick Lamar at University of Pennsylvania. Gifted with lyrical ability through emceeing and spoken word poetry, Ivy is a breath of fresh air in today’s hip-hop climate.

I place Ivy Sole alongside Ravyn Lenae and Noname  when it comes to new talented young women in hip-hop. It would be a good look for her to work alongside those creating similar vibes like Rapsody and 9th wonder.


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