18 year-old Chicano artist Cuco is making the music you will fall in love to this summer. Born Omar Banos, the singer and producer from South Central Los Angeles has only been releasing music one year, but already has sold out shows and co-signs from The Internet’s Steve Lacy and Kevin Abstract under his belt.

Cuco crafts smooth love ballads with a timeless oldies feel. “Lo Que Siento” (what I Feel) is a sweet love song with bi-lingual lyrics, vibrant synths, and smooth grooves. With two projects on Spotify entitled Songs4U and Wannabewithu, Cuco is proving himself to be what Noisy calls L.A.’s new romantic! I hope to catch a Cuco show in the near future. The only thing I could ask for is a duet between him and Kali Uchis!

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