Creeping up from the depths of the underground is Tivo-Saki. His anime and video game persona intrigues the listener, while simultaneously dropping atmospheric bars. It’s a grab at my nostalgia when I see Tivo’s Playstation and Nintendo inspired artwork.

Tivo-Saki pays homage to Japanese culture through visuals and lyric, but this actually isn’t his national origin. A native of Baltimore, the 23 year old has been living in Chicago since 2011. His cousin ION is a frequent collaborator of his, and they have a couple music videos together.

Tivo has released two Kirby inspired mixtapes entitled Dreamland and Return to Dreamland 2, which are avaliable to stream on SoundCloud. If you’re a fan of Goth Money Records, Yung Lean, or Seshollowaterboyz, you’ll find Tivo-Saki to be on the same wave. Tivo-Saki, if you’re reading this we’d love to have you as a guest on PALMCAST!



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