The explosive new book entitled “Sharks, Demons And Gangsters” is the true and unfiltered story of how Black Music was formed in the United States and the men who were responsible for building this multi-billion dollar industry.

sharks demons and gangsters“Sharks, Demons, And Gangsters” was written by the Rap /R&B music executive “Stan Sheppard” whose clients and record label sold a staggering 23 million records worldwide in Rap Music since 1996 up until the present time in 2017.

“Sharks, Demons, And Gangsters” blasts open the doors and exposes the relationships the major recording companies have cultivated with known gangsters, drug dealers, and gang leaders from across the country during the last 40 years. These alliances have led to many deaths and lengthy prison terms for numerous individuals and the funding for the carnage on the streets can be traced directly back to the major recording companies.

The tell all book also chronicles the sinister plots launched by the major record labels and their executives against the artists on their companies rosters and how hit artists are “chosen” based on criteria “other than creative excellence”.

Written as an autobiography, the incredible book follows the music executive from his early teens on the South Side of Chicago in the 1960’s and his family’s history in the development of Black Music in America. The story also takes the reader into the “East Coast-West Coast” rivalry between Sean “Puffy” Combs and “Suge Knight” and the dangerous circumstances and deaths surrounding the conflict.

“Sharks, Demons, And Gangsters” will be available for purchase in August 2017

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