My production company Magnificent Way Media is seeking to raise $10,000 for a multimedia TV project entitled The Archangel Code. The funds will be used to produce whats called a “Proof of Concept Reel” Television is constantly on the hunt for new content. I have a remarkably new and innovative story that’s not only entertaining and music intensive; It’s also inspirational…but I can’t just tell them about it…I have to show it to them. I should’ve started a GoFund me campaign over a year ago, but the show wasn’t ready; it is now. Spirit says “It’s completion time, pull the trigger.” Many of you know my personal journey began as a musician. I was then inspired to reinvent myself  (at 35 yrs old) to the radio personality that you know today; TV is my quantum leap. What this means to not only me but to all of us is…It’s Never Too Late to convert our dreams into a vision, and watch them come to fruition.  We live in a “High tech- Low touch society.” The Archangel Code details a journey of Mind, Body, Spirit and technology. “Man has gone from being watched…to being watched over.” Any amount you may be able to assist us is graciously welcomed.

The Archangel Code has the “magic” of the Wizard of Oz; and music to fill your soul. Some of the content in the story lines may feel familiar. But that’s because this show is about you. You and I have been connecting on the radio for almost 30 yrs; from New York to California. We’ve shared so many of your joys and pains. We’ve celebrated the birth of new family members and the passing of our elders. You will most certainly be entertained and more importantly… Inspired. Will you join us in helping?