Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years you know that Odd Future and A$AP are two of the most fore-frontal names in hip-hop today. Earl Sweatshirt representing Odd Future released his commercial debut album “Doris” yesterday, as did A$AP Ferg with “Trap Lord.” These are two of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the summer. Well of course I listened to both, and here’s a two for one review.
Back in 2010, Earl Sweatshirt released his mixtape “Earl” for free download. This was critically acclaimed and some dare to even call it a modern day classic. “Earl” grew on me over time. After a year-and-a-half hiatus, Earl announced that he was working on a new project. With appearances all over the place as well as tour dates I was glad to see Earl back again. But something wasn’t right. His voice sounded different and his flows just weren’t as cunning as they were back in 2010. Now that I’ve heard Doris, I have to say it was decent. Not bad, not great either. Just alright. A few too many features for an emcee this coveted. Lyrically, the album still just OK. Production wise: slightly above average. It has a grimy rap feel to it. I’m gonna give it a fair 3/5 flies.
Now Trap Lord, had it’s interesting parts and it’s dull parts. The album starts and ends solid. Towards the middle it gets a little bland. I love the lead anthem “Hood Pope.” Perfect song to roll through the streets to. I also enjoyed Cocaine Castle, and F*** Out My Face (The feature from B-Real caught my by surprise). I’m not mad at A$AP Ferg at all on Trap Lord, but considering the past releases from the A$AP collective (A$AP Rocky’s “Live.Love.A$AP” and A$AP Mob’s “Lords Never Worry”) I think it could have been better executed. I’m gonna give another split 3/5 flies.

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