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RajdulariTrue talent comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. A major factor in the corporatization and “dumbing-down” of our music is the notion that to make it in the business, an artist has to fit into a category… sing a formula song from the producer of the moment, have a certain look, an acceptable body type, skin color and weave length and of course be happy, (attitude free) always smile and love all the people of the world. Obtaining commercial success, for many of today’s super-star artists, means they had to sell their soul to the devil. You know what I mean, you’ve seen it time and time again… and it’s a damn shame. (Would somebody tell white folks that Black people like curves?) So it does my love of music good when I come across talented, passionate artists, create amazing music, and have the conviction to rise up and rage against the corporate image marketing machine.

Let me introduce you to Rajdulari (pronounced raj-du-la-ree). Allow me to deconstruct: take the clear vocal tone of Ella Fitzgerald, the spunk of Jill Scott and the funk of Chaka Khan. Blend it all together and you have Rajdulari.

New York based Jazz vocalist Rajdulari is Berkley College of Music trained. She’s won countless awards and she’s performed with many of the greats. Her buoyant voice vibrates with a clear and honest joyfulness. Listen to her new single, “Natural” which is featured on her upcoming album, Journey of a Woman. Visit her website at www.rajdulari.com and check out her video for “Natural” at http://youtu.be/9RF5usYZB20.

I’m feeling Rajdulari, she’s a natural woman with curves that look damn good!

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  1. Ryan

    I love the article Kevin! It’s a fantastic read! Thank you for sharing Rajdulari with your audience.