George Clinton1George “Dr. Funkenstein” Clinton recently made a house-call to the Grammy Museum at LA Live for an intimate Q&A session and live performance featuring Star Child’s off-springs and grandchildren.  At age 76, the Atomic Dog can still funk with the best of them. George’s story went from his early days as a hair dresser and fledgling Doo-wap singer and song writer in Newark, to a band leader in Detroit and the people and influences along his journey, including his love for Motown and fascination with Rock & Roll.

George chainsGeorge says he’s cleaned up his drug use and is on a new path. He sounded clear headed and focused. Gone are the multi-colored dreaded head piece; now bald, Sir Nose sported a golden chain headdress. He’s still flamboyant, still an innovator, still the creator of psychedelic funk. After the Q&A it was time to jet down to the music. George was joined in stage by 20 or so of his friends and family. The music is very forward thinking while remaining very funky. Parliament/Funkadelic has always been comprised by master musicians, and that has not changed. Folks drift on stage to collaborate, harmonize or perform solo– and as quickly as they appear… they disappear. It’s a trip but what I began to realize is what appears to be chaos is actually choreography. There seems to be a method to his madness.

George Clinton2Master musical chef, George and his disciples took elements from the Motown sound, added a major dose of James Brown and Sly Stone plus some secret sauce from the 60’s British invaders and Rock & Roll’s most experimental stars and created his psychedelic funk brand. His concoction produced ground-breaking hits like Maggot Brain, Standing On The Verge of Getting It On, Cosmic Slop, One Nation Under A  Groove, Knee Deep, Chocolate City, Give Up The Funk, Flashlight, Mothership Connection, Aqua Boogie, Atomic Dog and countless other timeless gems. He spawned Parliament/Funkadelic which gave birth to Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Zapp, Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns, Parlet, Brides of Funkenstein and others. He had a direct influence on countless artists including Prince, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jungle Brothers, MC Hammer, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J and the list goes on. I just wanna testify the funk is alive and well, thanks to funk master, George Clinton!

Kevin and George