Let's Not Wait Till Summer

Let’s Not Wait Till Summer is the debut EP from Pittsburgh recording artist and producer Linwood. The project is characterized by it’s dark, moody, and mysterious vibes. You may recall his collaboration with PALMCAST Alumni Tairey, on their banger “No More Drugs.” Under 17 minutes in total length, the five song EP is short sweet and to the point with many lyrics revolving around one sided relationships, drug abuse, and lust. Let’s Not Wait Till Summer is entirely produced and written by Linwood, making for a solid showcase of craftsmanship.

The car surrounded by palm trees is a bit reminiscent of Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra. Linwood’s style takes on that of a more lyrically ambiguous Drake or Frank. The electronic production combined with raw drum kit samples makes for a unique background. Throw in some auto-tune and you have yourself quite the creative project to rock with.
Let’s Not Wait Till Summer… is available on Spotify and SoundCloud but can be streamed right here. Expect a couple heaters off it on Palm of PALM Vol. 17 dropping this September!



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