On Thursday, August 31, Bill Marin and his wife Maria were involved in a horrific car accident in San Gabriel, California. Bill was rushed to the hospital with a traumatic head injury. He was immediately taken to surgery to repair a broken blood vessel that caused a large blood clot in his brain. Part of his skull was removed to relieve pressure from his brain.  Miraculously he survived. Since the surgery, Bill has been in the Critical Care Unit.  He has had many complications during his stay in CCU. Bill is a fighting for his life and we believe that with  the power of prayer, God will save him. It will take a miracle for Bill  to recover from this critical situation. His wife, Maria sustained minor injuries and is being treated by medical staff.

In addition to your prayers, the family  respectfully requests monetary donations to help defray the forth coming financial burden related to this tragic accident. https://www.gofundme.com/bill-marins-medical-fund

On behalf of Bill & Maria, the entire Marin family would like to thank you for your kind thoughts, prayers and generosity.

We will keep you posted on Bill’s progress.

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