SoundCloud super star CA$HRINA is finding rapid success in the rap game, not only through her punchlines but through her high energy music videos. PALM caught up with the 22-year old Staten Island native to talk about her love for Thrifting, Pokemon, having and finding a higher purpose through music.

Photo Sep 09, 11 30 29 PM

What was it like growing up in Staten Island?

Staten Island is definitely not the most inspiring place. But you can either fall with it or you could grow from it and I feel like that’s definitely just what happened. I just wanted more for myself than what it provided. Definitely traveling from that place is what inspired me.

When you say it’s not an inspiring place what exactly do you mean?

I feel like the ideal lifestyle is just like kids, normal job… (like nursing) which is not bad it’s just not what I wanted that’s not how I want to live my life. I mean I did retail when I was young, I just wanted more as I got older.

How long have you been making music?

Making music, it’s been 2 years, maybe a full year of being CA$HRINA.

Now you shoot and edit your videos?

Alexis Conti shoots my videos and I edit some of them. Some of the videographers I work with edit and shoot themselves.

How’d you get into making music and doing YouTube videos?

Well I’ve been putting out videos since I was young with. Me and my friends would chop them up and put them on our YouTube channel but I got into music through everyone who was in my circle they would make music and I would always go to the studio [with them]. They were like “you wanna record something and I was like “hell yeah!”

Who’s your favorite Pokemon and what’s your favorite Pokemon game?

Evie and White. I use to do the Emralds and Ruby’s on Gameboy but I still play White on DS.

(laughs) You still have a DS? I sold mine!

(laughs) Never sell them! That shit is always the best for airplane ride.

If you were a Pokemon what type would you be? (Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic)

A Thriftstar! (laughs) But i’d be Electric, you don’t feel my Energy through this interview?!

Now we know you’re the thriftstar- coolest thing ever found while thrifting?

Tommy overalls, this Harley Davidson lunchbox/fanny pack that I made. I found a Gucci watch! That shit was three dollars for a Gucci authentic watch. Anything I get is fire!

What’s next for CA$HRINA?

I definitely wanna tour. Even to other countries, like Russia. I’m poppin in Russia. I definitely wanna do a video for every single song I’ve put out. And I’m just trying to link up with artists and just give everyone the opportunity that I had. Definitely live in California and spread what my energy is. Spread it to everybody. That’s what it is really.

Are you a vegan or vegetarian?

I’m vegetarian. I was vegan, that is the key to living your life how you want it, but it’s very expenisive.

How long has this been going on?

When I was in High School I was a vegetarian for three years, and then I became enimic so I stopped. So it’s been going on for three years now.

Wha’ts your favorite thing?

Macaroni and Peas. It’s an Italian dish.

You’re Italian aren’t you.

Yeah. Third generation

You speak Italian?

No I wish. That’d be dope. Imagine a whole song in Italian?!

That would be dope, but it would have to be on some EDM, Fist Pumping vibe.


Ashley Simpson and the first Chris Brown album. My first CDs were high school musical and Mariyah Carey. The Immancipation of Mimi. That shit just got me into music that I was into. Then I became full on rocker. Like I only listened to hardcore up until I was 16 years old but Drake was always my shit! Drake is the reason I even enjoy music. Which is crazy because I make music nothing like Drake and Andy Milonakus. I grew up on the show where he always use to rap. I got into rapping because of Tink who isn’t that popular but she’s always fire! I met her in the LAX airport, she is amazing! Me and my brother use to freestyle in the car all the time. That’s how I got into rapping.

Is your brother still a rapper?

No he’s not even a rapper. His name is Rocco the Great. He does fleamarkets and thrift stores. And he sells stuff online. He’s dope check him out.

What artists or producers would you wanna work with?

I would love to do a song with Lil Pump just because, we would make the dumbest shit for real! Literally anyone on the move. Anyone works and puts emphasis in what they wanna do and loves themselves and is confident. I’m down to work with anybody. Clout doesn’t matter, we’ll work if you have 2 followers, 2,000, or 2 Million. I don’t give a fuck. That’s it. If you want it, I wanna work with you. But Lil Pump, hit me up, dead ass.

Why should people care about CA$HRINA?

You shouldn’t care about anything you don’t care about, but you should give everybody a chance. Know that I’m in it for the long run and I’m just dope and I wanna have fun. I wanna meet you and I want you to buy my thrift shit.