Stokley “Organic”

Stokley Organic 7

“Just be you, you don’t have to try– just you,

cause doin’ too much might change, my view of you, so let it grow organic”



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#25* – #23* Bullet Mediabase

#26* – #21* Bullet R&R

Organically New at:

KJLH-Los Angeles, WTYB-Savannah

Organically Growing at:

WDAS-Philly, WHUR-DC, WLXC-Columbia, WMGL-Charleston,

KMJK-KC, WJFX-Ft. Wayne, WVBE-Roanoke, WAKB-OKC,

WKSP-Augusta, WMJM-Louisville, WROU-Dayton, WTLZ-Saginaw,

KDKS-Shreveport, KFXZ-Lafayette, KRMP-Tulsa,

WIMX-Toledo, WKXI-Jackson, WMBX-West Palm Beach,

WMPZ-Chattanooga, WNWZ-Grand Rapids, WQMG-Greensboro,

WTTH-Atlantic City, WWDM-Columbia, WXST-Charleston,

KOKY-Little Rock, WAGH-Columbus, WKZJ-Columbus,

WJMR-Milwaukee, WUHT-Birmingham, WMGU-Fayetteville,

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