YouTube’s breakout Hip Hop sensation of 2017 are the “MARSHALL TWINS”, AKA “MT”. These young brothers have racked up millions of views for their various videos and are building an impressive young female fan base who follow them on social media and flock to their appearances throughout the Mid-West. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “MT” is being pursued by multiple major record companies to sign a long term recording contract.  A decision will be made by the group’s representatives in short order as to which label the group will declare their recording home.

The twins, who recently celebrated their 19th birthday, may be neophytes to the rap game– but these young brothers are on a fast-track to success. They’re building a brand by cultivating an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base. With the help of their producer, “Mech” and his “Swag Boyz” production team, “MT” is crafting a unique sound and loyal following in Mill-town. In fact, the boys have been chosen to be the face of a major city/state sponsored “anti-violence program” that will feature them in television and radio promotions, bus cards and outdoor advertising for months to come.

Look for “MT” to release their debut album, “This 4 The City” (“T4TC” ) in 2018 with their lead single being readied for release at the top of the new year.

Click here to listen to MT’s song, “Bae Bae”. Get ready for the Marshall Twins, rap music’s next big thing!

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