Still somehow under the radar in their hometown of Sydney Australia, underground hip-hop group Triple One shows much potential to take over the game. The four man crew consists of Billy Gunns, Marty Bukkake Large, Obi Ill,  Lil Dijon Terrors.

Triple one

What makes Triple One a force to be reckoned with the melodic harmonization, the other members hard hitting $uicideboy$-ish  flow, and the crisp production. Often seen clowning around with beers in hand, Triple One shares similarities with Brockhampton as being a seemingly approachable rap collective. They are well on their way to projecting themselves not only on the musical end, but also with their established clothing brand.


triple one clothing

With two EPs titled The Libertine (2017) and Doozy (2016), there’s just enough material from Triple One to sink your teeth into. It’s the posse cut stylized tracks and the deep emotion in the lyrics which give Triple One their flavor. It’s never easy stepping up to the plate as the first to not only represent a city, but to represent their entire country, Triple One are brave. Favorite songs of mine include “Autumn Collection” and “6 Speed.”

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