It’s official — after a 14-year time-out, Justin Timberlake has been invited back to perform again at the 2018 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Timberlake’s return to an NFL stage is significant, considering that his now infamous 2004 performance with Janet Jackson coined the term “wardrobe malfunction.” It also upset the NFL and some sensitive TV viewers and spurred a crackdown by the FCC on objectionable broadcast material. Despite the resulting furor around that 14-year-old appearance, Variety theorizes, “it doesn’t seem completely unlikely that Jackson could make a surprise appearance during the performance.”

In a triumph of splendid timing, sources say JT is expected to release a new album in the first quarter of 2018. The “Big Game” is set for Sunday, Feb. 4 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.