Floyd’s signature sound is characterized by a vibrant energy which not many of his peer artists hold. If there’s one thing a listener should take away from the Atlanta based singer, it’s that Floyd is truly himself.


Sporting a fanny pack and riding a skateboard, Floyd shows true boldness in swagger. It would be a fair comparison to call his sound that of a more chill Travis Scott. Everything from the quality of the production from a smorgasbord of beat-makers to the animation effects in the videos have a brightness to them. Not to mention that while hanging out with him a couple months back on his first visit to L.A., I got the feeling that Floyd was a very genuine dude. We discussed his ambitions in hip-hop and how he balances his college life with his music career. Having played a handful of shows in Atlanta and the surrounding south, Floyd is off to a strong start.  A collaboration between Floyd and Kevin Pollari would be feasible. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him become the next person of interest in the topic of rising stars.

Start by enjoying some of the videos from Floyd below, then listen to his collaborative project with Dutch producer Clibbo titled NextGen.

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