Dutch Remixer The Packxsz extraordinary is back with a brand new remix. This time his choice of weapon is English Blue Eyed Soul Singer Joss Stone.
After working on several remix projects for artists like Glenn Lewis, Mya, Joyce Sims, Uness, Jay Z protégé Bridget Kelly and Swiss Neo Soul Queen Faye B. and Bootleg Remixes, the Deventer based Producer has now brought new life to Joss Stone’s voice.
The Packxsz – ‘When I think of Joss Stone I think about a old Soul music brought to you by a young Soul, with a Hip Hop Feel. That’s exactly what I tried to do with this remix. I used an old drum-break, chopped it up and combined that with the Farfisa Organ which has that classic soul feel’.
The Packxsz’s remix of Joss Stone’s ‘Put You Hands on Me’ is now available on his Soundcloud page as well on his Bandcamp Page as a free download.