Hoodie Hook

Whether a zip up or pull over, we love hoodies. They keep us warm and have become the preferred sweatshirt. But, as much as we adore hoodies, what to do with them? If hung in a closet, they take up space. If folded in a drawer, only 3 can fit. Hoodies end up stuffed in closets, hung on door handles, thrown on beds or dropped on the floor.  Organize your space and hang your hoodies right on their own special hook…Hoodie Hook. With Hoodie Hook, your hoodies no longer take up space, are misplaced or land on the floor. 

Shaped like a 15″ basketball, Hoodie Hook is uniquely designed to hang light weight hooded sweatshirts. Hoodie Hook is made of heavy duty ABS plastic with 5 individual curved hooks. By curving the hooks, Hoodie Hook eliminates the possibility of damaging the fabric of the hoodie. No indentations in the hood as with regular hooks. Each hook can hold up to 5 pounds. Mount Hoodie Hook on a wall or over a 1.375″ thick door. Hoodie Hook promotes organization, helps eliminate clutter, and presents the opportunity to hang your hoodies right.